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Things to do in Bayahibe

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Top 10 Must Do's in Bayahibe

  1. Go to Saona Island (duh)
  2. Try out diving or if you are already certified - go diving
  3. Go and have a beer at the Colmado
  4. Have a sundowner at Saona Cafe or Chiky Blu
  5. Take a walk to the "Punta" (we'll show you how to get there)
  6. Go snorkeling at Magallanes
  7. Try the Chicken Curry at Cafecito Lonza
  8. Visit the cave El Chicho
  9. Visit Tanama Jungle Ranch
  10. Make friends with the locals and local internationals

Tourist Information Bayahibe

Interactive Map of Bayahibe

Click on the icon with the arrow to see the points in categories. Save the map by clicking on the star so you have it when you arrive in Bayahibe.

Weather in Bayahibe

Oh how often we get this question in the tourism business "What will the weather be like?", "The forecast says rain, how bad is it going to be?". Here is what the weather really is like - most of the time - sunny, hot, high humidity and a little bit of a breeze (some would say "perfect"). The reason why the forecasts say it will rain is because we use the weather station in La Romana (the larger town about 30 minutes away, visible from the hotel).

In La Romana it rains almost every day - for about 20 minutes and sometimes multiple times a day. In Bayahibe it might rain for 20 minutes - once a week. Crazy right?! If you don't believe me come and see for yourself, we will take you to the roof top to show you when it is raining in La Romana.
Unless there is a hurricane predicted (and most of the time even then) you have nothing to worry about and you will have beautiful sunny and warm days.

The same can not be said for Punta Cana and surrounding areas but here in Bayahibe the weather is "perfect" all year round. Of course there are some unlucky days where it rains a lot but luckily this does not happen very often.


There are 4 beaches close to the hotel. 2 are walking distance, the other 2 are 10 minutes driving.

  • Magallanes - a small but significant beach in Bayahibe. About a 10 minute slow stroll from the hotel, past the baseball field you will stumble upon this seemingly unimpressive little beach. Do not let it's humble appearance fool you. This is one of Bayahibe's best kept secrets - it is an amazing snorkeling spot! You can see anything from sting rays, moray eels, octopus, cow fish, trumpet fish, pufferfish and the mix of other fishes that occur here. One of our most favourite spots. The visibility is usually extremely good. Definitely worth a visit
  • Bayahibe public beach - this beach is situated next to the resort Dreams La Romana about 10 minutes walking from the hotel. It can get busy on the weekends and has a few restaurants and shops as well as beach beds for rent.
  • Dominicus public beach - a 10 minute drive from the hotel - Dominicus beach is a little more touristy. Situated next to the Viva Wyndham resort it offers little lapa's for shade. There are shops and restaurants.
  • Anani beach - a private beach and restaurant/bar. Anani beach is situated about 10 min drive from the hotel. There is an entry fee that pays towards your first order. Beach beds and wifi available.
snorkeling bayahibe beach dominicus beach anani beach

National Park Del Este

Bayahibe is situated on the edge of the National Park del Este. The National Park boasts 41,894 Ha of conserved coastal area including the island of Saona. The National Park has many different cave systems. One of the caves is easy accessible from Bayahibe, El Chicho. El Chicho is not commercialized, it does not contain spotlights so it offers visitors a real cave experience. This cave is a fresh water cave and is very refreshing to swim in. From Villa Iguana it is easy to access the national park as well as the cave, just ask us.

padre nuestro el chicho cave

Tourist Services

Rent a Car

If you would like to explore more of the Dominican Republic, rent a car. We can get you the best prices and give you directions to some of the Dominican Republic's biggest, best secrets. Alternatively, if you want to be totally Dominican - cruise around Bayahibe/Dominicus area with a rented scooter.

Money Exchange

"Casa de Cambio" - the place to change your US dollars or Euros into Dominican Pesos. Do not change your money at the airport, the rates are terrible. Ask us and we will show you which place has the best rates (it is also the place where we change our own money).

Credit Cards and Banking

The Dominican Republic is (unfortunately/fortunately) still a little behind with online banking and credit card payments. Unfortunately the fee is around 26% for credit card payments - hence - most hotels, restaurants, excursion companies and dive shops do not offer credit card payment service. It is best to have cash.


There is a bank in Bayahibe (very close to Villa Iguana) there are also 2 ATM machines. Sometimes on payday (every 15th and 30th of the month) and just thereafter the cash machines do not have enough money and seem out of order. In that case it is best to just go to the bank and get cash from there.

Night life

Here is what most people do:

  • You start off with a beer at the Colmado around 6-7pm
  • The Colmado closes at 9pm - around this time you will be hungry
  • Move to Lost Bar for food, a few drinks and foosball
  • Lost Bar closes around 12-2am (weekdays and weekends) then it is time to go to the Pit Stop

Saona Cafe sometimes has a party happeing, Lost Bar has themed nights, Commodoro has Karaoke on Thursdays.

saona cafe party pit stop party


Dominican culture is in one word "LIVELY". You will always hear music coming from somewhere and there are always people out and about. Dominicans are big on family and get togethers, expecialy family beach days on Sundays. It's a great atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and most people are extremely happy. It must have something to do with the temperature...

happy people dancing


There is a super market just around the corner where you can get the basics for your fridge for the time of your stay. Other than that there are many "Colmado's" - local super markets. These shops have everything from the freshest tomatoes to light bulbs and medicine. Generally the Colmado's cater more for the locals the super market caters more for the tourists but don't let that stop you from going to have a beer.

Confused? Yes, almost all of the Colmado's in Bayahibe are also bars. The "normal" thing to do is to buy a Presidente (local beer) grande, you will get plastic cups with your order. You go and stand outside (on the street) and share your beer with whoever you know and enjoy the (sometimes extremely loud) music.

If you don't know anyone - go and make some conversation. If you don't speak Spanish there are always other international people around, most international people here speak English and Spanish. We have Dutch, German, Italian, Serbian, Spanish, French, English and American nacionals here. Also some from Switzerland, Argentina and French Canadians. Go and hang out. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming.

shopping bayahibe colmado bayahibe super market

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