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Things to do in Bayahibe

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Top 10 Must Do's in Bayahibe

  1. Go to Saona Island (duh)
  2. Try out diving or if you are already certified - go diving
  3. Go and have a beer at the Colmado
  4. Have a sundowner at Saona Cafe or Chiky Blu
  5. Take a walk to the "Punta" (we'll show you how to get there)
  6. Go snorkeling at Magallanes
  7. Try the Chicken Curry at Cafecito Lonza
  8. Visit the cave El Chicho
  9. Visit Tanama Jungle Ranch
  10. Make friends with the locals and local internationals

Bayahibe Beach

Bayahibe boasts two wonderful beaches. Located on the Caribbean Sea, these beaches offer a great day to relax and soak up the sun.

Bayahibe public beach offers visitors and locals alike a great beach experience. Magallanes beach is the "secret" snorkeling spot that surprises many snorkelers with the diverse life and easy access. Both beaches are walking distance from Hotel Villa Iguana. There is another public beach about 10 minutes driving from Bayahibe - Dominicus Public beach. All of these beaches are worth a visit when you are in Bayahibe.

How to get to the beach in Bayahibe

See on the map where these beaches are located and just ask Alessandro or Kirsten when you are at the hotel - they will tell you how to get there from the hotel.

public beach Fun Fact: Why does the sand of our beaches not get hot as it does in other places in the world? Answer: The sand on the beaches in Bayahibe consists of broken down shell and coral. Shells and coral do not get hot in the sun so you will not burn your feet on our beaches! In other places in the world the sand gets hot because is consists of broken down rock, rocks do get hot in the sun.

Beaches in Bayahibe

Bayahibe Public Beach

bayahibe beach

Bayahibe Public Beach is located at the edge of the Dreams La Romana Resort. You will see a lot of the town while walking to this beach. You will pass many restaurants and excursion providers. This beach offers beach chairs for rent and it also has some typical Dominican Restaurants right on the beach. Try the fried fish, it is very typical and delicious. Perfect for getting your refreshments right there so no need to carry your own water and snacks. On Sunday this beach can get a little crowded as many local families come out to enjoy a family beach day. Alcoholic drinks are allowed on the beach and you will probably see large families having full cook outs with their toes in the sand. Don't miss this typical Dominican experience!

This beach has a dedicated swimming area and the boats stay clear. It has a sandy bottom with only a few rocks. Some people prefer to wear water shoes however it is not necessary. The water can be crystal clear on some good days but depending on the weather, wind, rain, currents it might be murky. It is generally not wavy as it is in the protected Bayahibe bay. You will have a full view of the Bayahibe harbor with all of the catamarans resting in the water.

sunset bayahibe When lucky you might even be able to find a starfish. Please do not pick them out of the water as they cannot breathe above the water but do have a close look, they are magnificent. There is a tiny reef when you might be able to see some fish but we do not recommend it as a snorkeling spot. There are no lifeguards on duty. There is plenty of shade. The beach is accessible by car as well. The parking is right behind the restaurants. When walking it is best to just follow the sea. Don't miss this beach when you are visiting Bayahibe.

Secret Beach in Bayahibe

This is probably the favorite beach of most of the international people living in Bayahibe. The beach is small and a little rocky. It is tucked away in a small bay but it offers a great view of the Caribbean Sea. The water is like glass most of the year and only gets wavy when the weather conditions are not great and the wind picks up. This places is not ideal for swimmming but excellent for snorkeling.

It is one of the hidden gems of Bayahibe. Because of its location and rocky beach it is almost never crowded. There are no beach chairs, no restaurants and no music. It is a pristine beach that offers some great exploring above water as well. Towards the left and right there are rocky pools to go and check out. Be careful though - these rocks are actual old coral and they can be sharp.

magallanes beach

The bottom is rocky and there is only little sandy part where you can enter the water. When you are looking towards the water this sandy part is a little on the right. If you are just going swimming be a little carefull of the rocks as you might encounter some sea urchins. Best to wear some foot gear if you plan on standing there but please be carefull - we cherish the coral and underwater life we have at this beach.

This beach is also accessible by car but there is not a lot of parking - you are going to have to be a little creative.

Snorkeling in Bayahibe

coral beach

Magallanes beach is truly a wonderful snorkeling spot. This is surprising as it is right off the beach, right on the edge of town. Get ready to see Pufferfish, Trumpetfish and some other interesting creatures. We have even seen octopus there as well as squids.

Be careful not to go out too far. There are many excursion boats coming around the corner in the morning and from the left side in the afternoon. Stay well within the bay to avoid any accidents, fishing village bayahibe remember the captains cannot see snorkelers very well and you will probably not go with a bouy. Besides that, all the good stuff to see if closer to the shore anyway. There are coral restorations going on right there as well so please be respectful. If you like snorkeling, go and check out this beach and you will be pleasantly surprised, just like we were.

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