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Things to do in Bayahibe

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Top 10 Must Do's in Bayahibe

  1. Go to Saona Island (duh)
  2. Try out diving or if you are already certified - go diving
  3. Go and have a beer at the Colmado
  4. Have a sundowner at Saona Cafe or Chiky Blu
  5. Take a walk to the "Punta" (we'll show you how to get there)
  6. Go snorkeling at Magallanes
  7. Try the Chicken Curry at Cafecito Lonza
  8. Visit the cave El Chicho
  9. Visit Tanama Jungle Ranch
  10. Make friends with the locals and local internationals

Excursions Bayahibe

Bayahibe is a charming fishing village with plenty of exciting things to offer.

There are many awesome things to see and do. A wide variety of excursions are offered. Don't miss the Punta to see the gorgeous sunset. Ask us for a map of Bayahibe! Number 1 on everyone's list is a visit to the paradise island of Saona. All of the tours are offered in English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Excursions we recommend

Saona Island Excursions

There are many excursions to this gorgeous island but there is one excursion that tops it all! The Saona Crusoe VIP. Use Promo Code: IGU01 to get 10% discount! This excursions takes you along all of the highlights on Saona Island.

  • Start at the Rocks of Penon for a short history about the Dominican Republic.
  • Then visit the shallow sandbank where the starfish live.
  • Off to the first beach you will go where you can see some of the beautiful sea life by snorkeling just off the beach at the old pier. Make sure you don't miss the beautiful coral colours along the pier ruins.
  • An amazing, typical Dominican Lunch is offered on the beach after which it is time to explore the village of Mano Juan.
  • Mano Juan is the only village on Saona Island and there is a lot of history there. Step back in time and learn about how other cultures get by without flatscreen tv's and stable wifi.
  • One of the favourites of this trip is the visit to the Sea Turtle project, the importance of the conservation of these beautiful creatures is highlighted and if lucky - you might even be able to hold a baby sea turtle.
  • For the highlight of this excursion, visit Canto de la Playa - the most beautiful and final beach of Saona Island. There you will have time to soak up the sun and relax or go snorkeling and see if you can spot some sting rays at the shallow reef right off the beach.
  • You can expect small groups, professional guiding and a real eco tour.
  • This tour is not a booze cruise, rather an amazing day out on one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands.
  • This tour is offered by speedboat to make sure you stay ahead of the masses and in order to reach the final beach.
penon starfish catuano mano juan canto de la playa

To get 10% DISCOUNT on this amazing excursion book with promo code: IGU01 when you fill out this booking form. The Saona Crusoe VIP is the highest rated Saona excursion in the Dominican Republic! Book early to avoid disappointment!

Catalina Island Excursions

Catalina Island is another one of 3 islands in the National Park. Catalina Island is famous for its beautiful snorkeling. Just off the coast of La Romana you would not guess that this island has an underwater treasure. It is believed that the wreck of the famous Cpt. William Kidd was found here - the treasure is still no where to be found. Join the Nature Complete excursion to explore Catalina Island.

catalina snorkeling catalina beach

Jungle Excursions

Not many people know that the Dominican Republic does not only consist of long stretches of breathtaking beaches but also an adeventurous jungle. Explore the caves and the Gorge of the River Chavon on the Jungle Eco Tour. This tour is the perfect mix of jungle adventures including canoeing, swinging on a tarzan swing, swimming in the cave in the national park and visiting a local village to experience some of the real Dominican Republic.

cave chavon

Tanama Jungle Ranch Excursions

The Tanama Jungle Ranch truly is paradise. This ranch is an animal sanctuary for some of the most beautiful animals and plants in the Dominican Republic. Learn about how it all fits together while coming up close and personal with the fauna and flora. You can expect the largest butterfly exhibit in the Dominican Republic, iguana's, parrots, vultures, snakes and many more interesting inhabitants of the jungle.

ranch spider

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